Why SEO is Important

In a day and age where almost every business has an online presence of some kind, simply showing up no longer cuts it. To ensure your website reaches your target audience it is imperative that the top search engines like Google direct them towards your site. To ensure that your site receives the most amount of traffic possible you need to ensure that your website and marketing plan work with the search engine requirements and algorithms reaching as many potential clients as possible. It is likely, that just like you and me, when your client does a Google Search, that they very rarely go past the first page of results. In fact, only around 75% of people even check past the first 5 results!

In order to reach your business’ maximum potential, you need to ensure you reach the maximum amount of potential clients. You may already have some marketing in place and even a website or online presence and that’s a really great start. That means that people who already know of your services as a photographer and your business can find you and get extra details or info with ease. But hold on, what about all those thousands of people who don’t know about your business? Those potential clients that haven’t been passed your store front, received a leaflet through the door or had a business card handed over? They won’t know to type in your website address, they will just know that they need a photography service and they will need signposting to someone. Your business needs that search engine to signpost them to you if you are going to maximise your traffic and sales. This is why your Search Engine Optimisation is so important (you can follow the link to see SEO tips for Photographers 2018 or, our latest version can be found at SEO tips for Photographers 2019 with a few extra tips on the most recent trends.)

When you began your search for SEO assistance it is quite likely that you headed straight for Google and typed in a term such as Photographers Site SEO or Photo SEO. When you did this, you will have noticed a high number of results as offering SEO services is a really competitive market, just like the market for photo services. This makes SEO even more crucial to your business. You came across our site and services because we are experts in our field and we know how to ensure we effectively utilise Search Engine Optimisation to ensure our clients find us easily. This is what you need to drive traffic and improve sales in your photography business.

The key to your business’ success lies in your marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial element within this. Ensuring that the search engine optimisation within your plan meets your business requirements, the requirements of the search engines and will be successful, is not always the easiest feat. What’s worse, is that SEO done badly will not only have no effect on the success of your business, but it could even be detrimental to it. That’s why one of the best marketing decisions you will make is choosing an experienced photo SEO specialist. Making this decision will ensure that your search engine optimisation is of a really high quality, that it is implemented in a way that provides the highest rankings possible and that is designed specifically to meet the needs of a photographers business.


How SEO Can Help

When you begin to think about your marketing plan and the introduction of Search Engine Optimisation it is necessary to begin with a basic understanding of how search engine optimisation works and what the benefits to your business will be. Successful SEO has a lot of different elements to it for example keywords and terms (the phrases a potential client might search for, i.e photos taken near me) play a large part in the strategy but then there are further elements such as authority linking that all work together to ensure that your site is seen, noticed and signposted to by Google.

In short, a good SEO strategy for a photographers business will ensure that all the tick boxes are met for the search engine algorithms. It is important to consider hiring in an SEO company with experience working with clients in the photography field because they will, among many other things;

  • Know the photo markets keywords enough to implement top quality content that drives traffic to your company
  • Know how to get top quality authority links that are relevant to your photo services and are of use to your potential clients
  • Know how to navigate the 200+ elements that make up search engine algorithms
  • Know how to tailor the optimisation to your photography companies exact needs
  • Target a campaign at the correct geographical area, whether you want to reach clients from down the road or across the seas

Ranking highly in the search engine results is only part of the story. Quite rightly, most assume that if you rank on the first page or so of photographers in your area then you are going to get more traffic than those on page three, four or beyond. In return for receiving this extra traffic, it isn’t impossible to come to the conclusion you will then sell more of your photo services than the competitors further down in the rankings. However, there is a little more to it than this and you can get a lot more from your Search Engine Optimisation by tapping into these other factors.

Conversion is a great example of one of these other factors. It is common to check conversion rates on your photography website once your visitors have turned from traffic to queries and then hopefully sales of your photo services. It gives you a great way to predict how many sales you might have coming up, however, the measuring of conversion is most commonly carried out after the potential client has already visited the site and this is where people often miss a trick. Good quality photo SEO companies will put in place a plan that can give you an understanding of these conversion rates before the person even reaches your site in the first place and this can provide you with some fantastic benefits.

In short, increased rankings is only part of the story and the real key is ensuring that your Search Engine Optimisation and marketing strategy is fully geared towards all features of optimisation that have the biggest impact when it comes to ensuring that searchers choose you over your competitors. The points covered here are only the tip of the iceberg and when you start to factor in things like ‘rich snippets’, structured data, the power of reviews, simple coding amendments and so forth you end up with a marketing strategy that ensures that searchers not only find you quickly and easily but also makes you stand out and really sells your photography services at first glance.


How Photo SEO Can Help

Photo SEO can help you beat the competition in the race for quality sales leads by providing you with effective and tailor-made Search Engine Optimisation and marketing strategies perfect for a business in the photography industry. Through creating a plan with an expert mix of photographic key term and over all site optimisation among a number of other key SEO elements, we have been able to ensure photographers sites have;

  • maintained a high and sustainable ranking across search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more
  • receive maximum traffic that then sticks around to hear you photo services pitch
  • can provide great in-depth conversion data that you can use to predict and boost sales
  • can achieve a fantastic boost in attracting local business by linking closely with Google Plus to capture those in your area that require photography services.
  • has a further reaching audience so that your photography business can stretch out to clients over the seas if you desire
  • been finely tailored to work alongside search engine algorithms and ticks all the boxes to make sure your photo services are noticed
  • the ability to provide those in a competitive photographer’s industry with the tools they need to boost sales and their business

Many photographers choose to create their own websites and dabble with Search Engine Optimisation in the hope that their online presence will be enough to keep their sales going. Unfortunately, with a saturated market place, SEO algorithms changing and optimisation having just a little more to it than most people expect, their efforts are often highly time-consuming with very little reward at the end of it. By choosing to hire a specialised SEO company who is experienced in the photography industry, you will minimise the time, hard work and risk whilst engaging in an SEO strategy that is truly effective and can continue to be built on in ever changing times.

Here at Photo SEO we pride ourselves on providing a top-quality service to photographers who desire results that can be sustained over time. We know that when you work in the photography industry you have a keen eye for detail and strive to provide excellent individual results for your clients. That is why Photo SEO expects you to have those standards for the photo based search engine optimisation strategies that we produce for our clients too.

We offer a variety of tailor made solutions that strive to meet your individual photography companies requirements so that you have the perfect search engine optimisation plan for reaching business success.


Photo SEO Services

In the photography industry, you are surrounded by people who offer individual customer service, tailored packages and produce high-quality photos that are specifically created around their clients’ personal tastes and needs. So why wouldn’t you expect the same from your Search Engine Optimisation company? Here at Photo SEO we understand the needs of our photographers and we understand exactly what strategies we can implement within your photo service sites in order to work alongside search engine algorithms to reach the perfect target audiences for your business. We know that in the photography industry is a competitive market in which your business demands and target markets may range from extremely different to almost exactly the same as some of your competitors. We know that you need a package that doesn’t just come straight out of the box and we know that the right Photo SEO company will deliver exceptional service and effective results. That’s why we spend time getting to grips with the needs of photographers and invest our energies in really understanding what your business needs from an SEO strategy so that you come up trumps against your competitors when potential clients do that all important ‘photographer near me’ key word search. These are the kind of services that Photo SEO are highly experienced in delivering and that will be key building blocks to the strategies we build.

Analysis & Project Creation: As previously mentioned, a huge part of the process of building a fantastic tailored SEO solution to a photographer is about understanding their needs and that is why our team a highly trained in the analysis of your photography business’s current standing. The key aspects of the analysis would assess the site’s current visual appeal, the way the content works with search engines, how effective the conversion is and so forth. Once the analysis has been thoroughly completed the project plan can be created. This plan will outline all the key Search Engine Optimisation features (such a photography based keyword, great quality authority links, any site background coding and so forth) that are required in order to achieve both the ranking and or traffic goals that are being set for the project.

Technical Optimisation: Is Photo SEO’s groundwork for a rock-solid SEO plan. It begins in the analysis stages by checking the photography website’s technical performance. Once this has been analysed steps are taken to reach the desired optimisation for the site and in turn ensure that searchers not only find your site but then have a great user experience that does not put them off purchasing your photo services. This service will ensure that your site is in line with search engine regulations, will be indexed and will rank for your photo based key words when searched.

On-page Optimisation: Once your content has been analysed and the technical optimisation foundations built, it is time to turn our hands to ensuring that your photography site is at its maximum ranking by including content that is a) useful to your customers b) has informative and useful links to sites that are relevant in the photography industry and c) includes key words that the majority of your potential clients would look for when they first begin their search. For example, if your potential customers have never heard of you before then it is unlikely that they will be searching for your photography business’ name and address. It’s more likely that the customers your current strategy is missing the traffic that is right at the very beginning of their search and typing in terms such as ‘Photographer near me’ or ‘I need photography services’ and so forth. Our strategies make sure that you don’t miss out on that highly important traffic.

Google My Business Optimisation & Local SEO Specialisation: As mentioned the On-Page Optimisation Service, geographically based searches such as ‘photography studio near me’ are high on the list of initial searches carried out by those looking for the photo services your business delivers. In light of this, if you want to target these people as potential sales it is imperative that your Search Engine Optimisation strategy works really effectively Google and that the plan utilises the use of local maps, Google My Business and other local based search engine features. We are highly experienced in this area and will ensure that the implementation of this service provides you with the best possible local results by delivering excellent rankings for locally-focused search terms.

Image Optimisation: As a photographer, you are held to high standards by your clients. They expect to see visually pleasing, exciting and unique work from you. Even if you are number one on Google and the searchers open your site within seconds of beginning their search for photographic services, if they open your page to find something aesthetically dull, or worse, displeasing then there is no way they will stick around to find out about your services because your site simply isn’t selling you well. Fortunately, you are in the perfect industry to make sure your site stands out from the crowd and draws in your perfect target market because your portfolio is a perfect sell. Your photos are your biggest asset in selling a photographer’s services because they make your site stand out from the crowd and sell you to your potential customers within second of opening your site.

High Quality, Relevant Linkbuilding: Part of your content analysis and optimisation lies within link building. Link building is key to ensuring that Google is signalled in a way that improves your rankings and therefore you are more likely to receive traffic that your site can then help you convert into sales. However, any old link just will not do. Throughout this process optimisation rather than just ranking must be kept in mind, you need the traffic that lands on your site to have a fantastic user experience and to be provided with useful background information that will help them choose the right photographic services for them. By ensuring that backlinks are authoritative, informative and effective they must be chosen wisely and lie within the realms of the photo services that your potential customers will be interested in.

Enhanced SEO Techniques: As a highly experienced photo SEO company, we have learned many valuable techniques in ways to boost rankings and improve conversions. One such technique implemented in many of our sites in the use of Schema markup code. The use of Schema provides better results in the way that your site is viewed in SERPs, it allows ‘Rich Snippets’ to be added to your site with ease. One benefit of this is that it allows the site to provide your potential traffic with a little sales pitch as one of the first things they see once their results have loaded. This is a fantastic way to ensure that your site peaks an interest in your photo services right from the very beginning of interactions with your potential customers.


Outrank your competition

Boost traffic, boost sales and boost your business with an SEO strategy custom built for your photography business!

Reaching out and getting support with your SEO marketing from a professional SEO company with experience of working with photographers is an important step in beating your competitors to the post when it comes to increasing traffic and boosting the sales of your photo services. By hiring a Photo SEO you will be ensuring you have a top quality marketing plan that not only boosts your ranking but ensures the kind of quality optimisation that makes photographers business’ really stand out from the crowd and receive more sales in a competitive field.

Photo SEO will use proven methods to provide your photography company with a strategy that boosts rankings, makes sure you are seen, increases sales and enhances business growth. These strategies are proven in the field of photography and work alongside search engine algorithms and requirements in order to provide a service that not only reaches the goals of your marketing strategy that also produce results that last. All in all making sure that you come in leaps and bounds ahead of your competition when it comes to the sales of photographic services.